We secure meaningful, impactful and credible media and analyst coverage for our clients and their customers that allows them to differentiate from competitors and share their relevant and thought-provoking perspectives.

We have unmatched strong relationships and excellent reputations with analysts, reporters, editors and other media influencers. Spalding Communications’ industry contacts know we deliver compelling stories and expert sources from our portfolio of emerging and innovative companies. We have the contacts and knowhow to get clients the coverage and exposure they deserve, to help them grow. And we have the results to prove it.

Spalding Communications positions our client partners as the recognized experts in their respective industries and markets; giving them a voice and the platform to communicate their message directly to target audiences with meaningful credibility, clarity and a heightened level of awareness, ultimately speeding their sales process.

Our Corporate Communications services include:

  • Media Relations, Strategy and Execution
  • Analyst Relations, Strategy and Execution
  • Editorial Content Development and Placement
  • Launch Strategy, Planning and Execution
  • Awards Programs
  • Speaking Programs
  • Vertical Market Programs
  • Customer Reference and Recognition Programs
  • Event Strategy and Media Management
  • Copywriting and News Release Development and Distribution
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Why Choose Spalding Communications?

  • Communications experts, all with 20+ years of experience.

  • Long-standing demonstrated track record of success.

  • Strong relationships with journalists and online influencers.

  • Results consistently lead to client growth.

  • Efforts have led to numerous company acquisitions.

  • Silicon Valley and East Coast locations serve clients across the US and globally.


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